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All natural body, preternaturally curious mind. 

It's my pleasure to accompany you on your adventures, or to be your dirty little secret; whatever the occasion may require... I’m the perfect addition to the life of a man with no time for hunting his conquests the antiquated way. 

About the Girl


Don’t ask, don’t tell.
Here’s what you need to know about me:
I love living in a dreamworld of my own making. I don’t believe in bad sex or boring conversations, because they don’t exist in my world. I like to make dreams come true. I love fantasizing and bringing fantasy to life.

If you really must know: 
I’m the girl you can take anywhere. I love co-conspirating, but your co-op board would think I’m a very nice young lady. I fit in at the business hotel lobby, but know the ways of pleasure in and out. A thrill-seeker, I’m tenderhearted. My physique turns heads but my bedroom eyes won’t stray from yours because I don’t want to miss a second of noticing my effect on you. What turns me on is teasing you, finding out what makes your pulse race, so I can devise new ways to blow your mind.

I have my own reasons for preferring to date this way. 

The freedom for casual connections paired with the ceremony of elevating the value of sensuality all but guarantees mutual satisfaction, if you ask me.


I consider myself a curious and empathetic spirit. What intrigues me most is hands-on exploration of the human experience. All shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are welcome! 

My calm demeanor creates a safe space for you to explore your innermost primal self. 


I'm often told I look better than my photos.

A charming wit & smile, an aura that oozes sex, and irresistible bedroom eyes are matched with a playfulness in private. 


I scrub up nicely too; I'm well-read and well-traveled. I wouldn't stand out from the women in your office... if they all had a luscious body with long legs, voluptuous natural breasts and soft hair & skin meticulously cared for, and an extensive collection of naughty underthings.


Rest assured that discretion in our surroundings matters just as much to me as to you. I arrive in elegant contemporary style suited to the environment, with beautiful lingerie to change into. 


Our experience will be unique and fun for both of us!

Flirting over a leisurely meal or new experience in town is great foreplay.

I believe everyone has something interesting to talk about. I love hearing your story and learning from your expertise.


I look forward to valuing your time as much as you value mine. 

Xoxo Gia

Fast Facts

Age: Late 20s

Hometown: New York

Home base: Philadelphia

Frequent Locations: Manhattan, Westchester, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, South Florida

Languages: English, Spanish, French, in that order of fluency

Body: Slim, busty, all natural

Piercings & Tattoos: None


Activities I enjoy: Museums, Skill Classes, Snooker, Ice Skating, Painting

Interests: Arts, Animals, History, Literature

Colors: Pink, Red, Gold, Cream, Black

Fragrances: Gourmands, White Florals, Amber Musks, Jasmine, Vanilla, Cashmere

Flowers: Lilies, Tulips, Orchids, Tropicals

Food & Drinks: See below


Nothing excites me more than being your present to yourself! The way to my heart is to take a tangible interest in supporting my well being and happiness, including quality time & exploring interests together. Of course, cash is king, but a thoughtful gift is especially memorable and sets a wonderful impression. The personal touch puts me in the mood to shower you with warmth and savor a remembrance of you long after we part.

Here are some ways to pamper me so I'll be a pretty, sensual purring kitten in your arms.

Dress Me Up: 

Lingerie Wishlist Shoes Wishlist Clothing Wishlist 

Spoil Me: 

Favorite Gift Cards | Sponsor My Lifestyle| Sex Toys Wishlist

Send Me a Surprise: 

Amazon Wishlist Send Me Flowers


Dress, Tops Small / US 6 /EU 36 / UK 10

Jeans 28

Bras 34DDD/ 34F (or 36DD/E, 32G in a pinch)

Bottoms, Panties Medium / US 6 /EU 36 / UK 10



Refreshments to enjoy together are always appreciated!

Dining In: Please share any food or beverage in sealed manufacturer packaging. No perishables or homemade please.

Dining Out: Please make reservations beforehand. 

Diet: I try to avoid excessive dairy and sugar, beyond that I have no culinary limitations.

Culinary Tastes: I love to try new foods, especially if they're spicy, sour, savory, or fresh farm-to-table.

All time favorites: Seafood, Steak, Sushi, Thai, Greek, Mexican.

Drinks: I enjoy dry white & rose wines, champagne, sake, and spicy or savory cocktails with fine vodka, rum or tequila.

Refreshers: fruit juices, matcha, clean energy drinks.

Dessert: You may have noticed by now that I'm not too keen on sweets! Notable exceptions: chocolate, candied nuts, marzipan.



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