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We won't be able to meet for companionship if you solicit any sexual or illicit services.

I can't consent to any adult activities with someone I haven't met, nor honor a booking request with anyone who hints at such requests.

This will be treated as a cancellation initiated by you.

Our first date is the appropriate time to find out if we're compatible.

​Let's decide what to do together in person once we retire to an intimate setting behind closed doors.


GFE style or light kink companionship may be available to gentlemen who are uncommonly generous, impeccably hygienic, and have familiarized themselves with my etiquette guidelines before meeting.


I'm available to model for private viewings, lingerie and clothing fittings, and analog drawing and painting.

I'm not available to model for any type of photoshoot or video recording.


I love modeling something you pick out as well as surprising you with my taste in what to wear on our next date or in cheeky private photos!

Discretion in our surroundings matters just as much to me as to you.

I arrive in business casual or contemporary style, with beautiful lingerie to change into.

If appropriate for weather & venue, outfit requests may be considered.


If I'm traveling or your request is highly specific, we can brainstorm ordering or picking up a gift in time for our meeting.

Please ask a couple weeks ahead, to account for shipping as well as my travels.

On shorter notice, I can suggest some shops that have fast shipping or in-store pickup.


My Wishlist of Coveted Outfits

My Wishlist of Sundry Whimsies


Please don't go out of your way to ask me to be discreet when I arrive.

It's offensive to suggest that I don't know how to behave in public or that I don't practice exercising caution for my own purposes every single day. This will put me off meeting you as you not only apparently think I'm an idiot, but it throws into question your own common sense and ability to be understanding of my own security needs.

If I'm hosting, please don't come into the hotel earlier than our agreed appointment time or loiter in the lobby or entrance before our I'm ready for you. Please follow me quietly if we're entering together. I like to return to hotels where I'm comfortable and it can hurt my standing there for you to be seen visiting me (unless we have an overnight or weekly arrangement).


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