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Let's begin our conversation...

The first impression is key to compatibility


I'm the right companion for you if: 

You've researched the world of companionship.

You trust yourself to choose someone who will conduct themself with professionalism and treat you with care. You have optimism about respecting this person's protocol & aren't afraid to be vulnerable to make your companion feel safe too.

You're confident I'm a good choice for your preferences. My booking protocol makes you feel secure about planning our encounter.

You take initiative before soliciting my attention. You consult my information available online so that our interaction is seamless once you make the first move.

Scroll to find the essential details to include in your introduction so our enthusiasm is mutual.


To find out if, when & where I'm available before you send screening info, my schedule of daily openings is always up-to-date for your convenience.

Am I available?

View my schedule 


 Your polite questions are welcome accompanied by a charming introduction if the subject isn't addressed on my website.

Any questions?

View my FAQ 

For a personal conversation before booking, you're welcome to initiate a texting session

Want a personal touch?

Book a virtual introduction

Your Booking Request

can consider your invitation if it's thorough enough for me to confirm in one step, including these details--

Your Location | 

  Including +city & neighborhood, incall or outcall

For incall, indicate which city from my tour schedule

For outcall, include your zip code, cross streets or train station

Your Availability |  

Window of Time listed as available on my schedule + Length of Time Desired

 See My Schedule

Your Personal Intro 

 + Including Verification: See Screening Options

Your Deposit Method

Prebooking with a small deposit reserves a time at my best prices.

May be waived only if you pre-screen for waitlist, with a time offered 1 hour in advance.

See Payment Options & Policies

Gia Lucia-44.jpg

How can I verify you, Gia?

I encourage you to research your decision before contacting me by browsing my links to verified profiles, extensive social media presence, and unanimously positive reviews.

You'll find a digital trail of satisfied clients, extensive travel availability, regular new photoshoots and candids with an extensive archive, a phone number you can google and send iMessages to, active profiles on a plethora of websites which required photos of and with my government ID, in addition to paying to host this domain and paying for ad spots and tours.​

Verification Options

If discussed prior, you may send your information via disappearing message or to a decoy email address.

For outcall to hotels or concierge buildings: 

Choose at least one form of screening

For outcall to private residences without concierge: 

Choose at least one form of screening if you're the registered homeowner, otherwise include an ID or employment verification AND either provider references or proof of residence/ accommodation booking

For incall: 

Accompany 1 form of screening with a recent selfie in everyday clothing, or provide 2 forms of screening

To waive deposit: References, selfie, & drop me a pin of your location



Option 1:

Real Info Verifiable in Phone Book Registries 

Provide your First + Last Name + Age (Selfie is appreciated but not required)

Text from your personal number or disclose your primary number via your preferred contact number or email

  • If you're on a family plan, please check your with your carrier that your phone is registered to your own name.

  • Using a fake number without other screening, misleading or omitting requested details will terminate our correspondence.

​​Option 2:

Personal ID

​Photo of your state or national ID (full name, photo + year of birth visible).

Selfie holding it is appreciated & may be requested.

​​Option 3:

Provider References

Referrals from at least 2 providers you've met recently. 

Strictly non-agency escorts who are active on social media or have a personal website.

Contact info alone  is not a valid referral. Send their live ad or website.

​​Option 4:

Employment verification

From a national corporation or Yellowpages-listed company. 

Self employment or retired status must be verifiable by sources besides your own website or LinkedIn.

​​Choose One:

Verified LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections, Headshot + Full Name.

Send both a link AND a screenshot from your editing dashboard.

Work Badge with Logo, headshot and full name visible

Company website or published article verifying your job title, full name and photo.

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