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Get to know me,

Low stakes from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.


I also share pics on Onlyfans

video chat


50 for 10 minutes | 70 for 15 minutes | 80 for 20 minutes

100 for 30 minutes| 150 for 45 minutes | 200 for 1 hour


50 for 5 minutes | 75 for 10 minutes | 100 for 15 minutes |120 for 20 minutes

150 for 30 minutes | 200  for 45 minutes | 250 for 1 hour


150 for 10 minutes | 250 for 20 minutes | 300 for half hour | 400 for 1 hour

I may be able to wear one of the staple colors of my wardrobe if you've seen me in many outfits that color, or for specific styles please send a gift card or outfit from my wishlist

Videochats are faceless (neck down)

I'll request you either show yourself face down also the whole time or screen with your ID either before or during.


Exchange 5 SFW pics each / 50

Exchange 10 NSFW pics each / 100

Premade lingerie pic / 5 per pic, 15 for 5 pics

Premade nude pic / 10 per pic, 30 for 5 pics

10 custom lingerie pics / 100

3 custom nude pics / 100

My face will be blurred in all photos and any highly explicit photos will be cropped neck-down.

phone call


100 per 20 minutes



10 minutes live texting / 25

1 day texting / 100

1 week texting / 300

Ask Me Almost Anything / 5

Ask Me Anything- Detailed Q&A/ 10

Dick rating paragraph / 15

Planning consultation / 50

Can be applied to total rates for a date or custom content.


Anything sexual we discuss is strictly in the fantasy realm and in no way a statement of consent to any actions after our session or consultation ends.

I'm very kink-friendly, with a soft spot for the imaginative.

My restrictions are age play, race play, discussing non-consenting third parties by name or likeness, and any verbal degradation, humiliation or extreme power play towards women including myself.


Make Your Request

You can send payment in full upfront via any option here,

then ping me with your request.

I'm happy to communicate via SMS, iMessage, GChat, Facetime, Signal, Telegram, or Snapchat or Skype.

If I can, I'll schedule our session or deliver your content the same day, if I'm not able to within 3 days I can offer you a refund if you paid by e-gift card. For immediate priority, if I'm available, please add 50.


Virtual Request 

Thank you!

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