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I love group fun!

My minimum for group gatherings is 2 hours, so we can get to know our unique dynamic leisurely.

3 or more hours to unwind over icebreaker refreshments is recommended.


Friends I like to play with:

Violette Vera (Boston or New England)

Dahlia Wilde (Washington DC, Maryland or NoVa)

Lily Love (Baltimore)

Dahlia, Lily & I are available for trios!

  • Please match the highest set of rates for all providers involved.

  • I can also join you for duos or more with other independent providers (has active social media presence or personal website).


  • To join you + a partner or friend, Add 300 to rates.

  • I will require screening from each of you.

  • After screening, a preliminary phone call with each of you is included in the experience.

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