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Please review my preferences before meeting and let me know as well how I can best prepare to be considerate of your own preferences.




Reserving more time than you think you "need for the deed" is recommended so we can freshen up as a prelude and enjoy refreshments, cuddle in between romps, and discover the type of intimacy that comes with getting to know what makes someone tick. Please account in your time management - within your booked time - for finding each other within a building or venue, arriving together to any destination (please note- I do not under any circumstances enter a private vehicle), and for both of us to shower twice if meeting privately.

For any requests you may think of between booking and meeting, I'm open to fulfilling your fantasy given ample notice after reviewing this quick note on requests.


Please be communicative from an hour beforehand or book for when you don't have overlapping commitments.

If I can't reach you on my way, you will be considered a no-show and your appointment is forfeited.

I like to build anticipation by texting on my way, it eases my nerves to know I will find you seamlessly.

Itineraries and Libations

Please arrange room service or restaurant reservations for dates of 3 or more hours, and activity excursions for dates of 4 or more hours.  

You're welcome to bring food or beverages in manufacturer-sealed containers (only) to enjoy together.

Showing up intoxicated or any form of coercion/ aggression will terminate our acquaintance.

Deposits & virtual payments: SEE OPTIONS HERE


I accept cash in denominations of 50 and 100.

Cash gifts are accepted in an envelope placed silently within view when greeting.

If meeting at dinner, please bring a gift bag for discretion. I will excuse myself to the restroom to check that the agreed gift is correct. If you have any concerns about a dispute, you can film yourself marking the bills, sealing the envelope, and marking the seal.

I accept Bitcoin if you're okay using appointment time to wait for transfer confirmation.

To pay in Bitcoin when we meet, you must also deposit in Bitcoin.

Transfer time is on the clock for your session; I recommend planning a dinner date so we can relax and chat or walk to an ATM if there are any issues. A private meeting will be terminated if payment isn't rendered within 1/10 of the booked time.

If cash or crypto isn't an option, please discuss beforehand; subject to additional fee.

After our Date

I will never cold-text you, in case your current circumstances make this unwelcome.

However I'll always be glad to hear from you, even if it's not about a rebooking. (If in doubt whether you're bothering, a gift never hurts!)


I'm happy to give two references per meeting. A heads-up & a gift card are appreciated so I can have my note prepared to send in time for your next companion to schedule with you. 



I welcome reviews! Testimonials are a wonderful form of feedback for me. 

If posting publicly, kindly keep any biographical or personally identifying information I shared in confidence private. Please also don't embellish from imagination. 

Each meeting is unique, but you can find some verified client reviews at The Erotic Review and Private Delights.

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